Most Skin Care Products Are Actually Just Skin Sort-of-Care.

You would think the word 'care' in the name you should actually, well, care. Care about how it's made, what goes into it, and how it works. At Schaf, we're passionate about our products and the results they provide.

We Put Our Skin Through Hell. It's Payback Time.

Sun. Wind. Pollution. Rain. Cold. Our skin is exposed to the same harsh conditions as patio furniture. It takes a lot of abuse, and how do we thank it? We slather it with harsh toxins and irritants. It's time to let our skin know how much we love it. And since there aren't Hallmark cards that say "Thank You Skin" there's something much better. Schaf.

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Science And Nature. A True Love Story.

Blending science and nature is an obsession of ours and the love shows. Skin care shouldn't be complicated, and it should work. Schaf was designed to refine skin texture, deliver hydration, and restore balance. Science and nature live in perfect harmony inside every drop.

We're Like A Nightclub Bouncer When It Comes To What's Allowed In Our Skin Care.

Fragrance and essential oils, you're not on the list. Parabens, neither are you. Phenoxyethanol, nice try with that tough to pronounce name. When you care about skin the way we do, you'll stop at nothing to keep harmful ingredients from making their way in. We don't care how hard it tried to disguise itself, if it's not good for your skin you won't find it in Schaf Skin Care.

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If Small Batches Make Us Control Freaks, Then Go Ahead and Call Us Freaks.

Some might say fussing over every single batch of Schaf Skin Care is going a bit overboard. Small batches help maximize effectiveness, freshness, and provides a level of quality control. We want to know every single small batch on an intimate level. If that makes us freaks, we'll take that as a compliment.

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This May Be Way More Than You Want To Know But Here Goes.

We're passionate about skin care. Maybe too passionate. Some would even say that's all we talk about. Just ask people who were at a recent dinner party we attended. Our company name is half of our founder's last name. We know the names of irritants that don't belong in skin care products better than we know the names of our own family members (sorry Aunt Linda). Nothing makes us happier than hearing from someone whose skin we've helped improve. Especially if that message is accompanied by a thumbs-up emoji. Our skin care chemist is afraid of magicians. Our headquarters has limited parking, so we draw straws to see who rides the company bicycle to work for a week. Knowing the average adult's skin weighs 20 pounds makes us determined to protect it.

This Is Why We Do What We Do

"I am in love! The cleanser is so beautiful...and oh my the skin is very happy! I'm smitten!"
Jane Daly, Beauty Blogger
"The Best Men's Face Wash Your Guy Needs, Stat!"
InSyle Magazine
"I've tried a handful of skin serums in the past and many of them left my skin feeling tight. Most days when using this, I didn't even need a moisturizer."