All natural, fragrance-free, genderless skincare that really works.


A simple, safe, effective skincare regime is the path to restore health, wellness and confidence by delivering great looking, healthy skin.

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What they're saying...

I am in love!
The cleanser is so beautiful...and oh my the skin is very happy! I'm smitten!

Jane Daly, Beauty Blogger

Schaf Hydrating Daily Facial Cleanser is the gentlest of all the cleansers I tried. What makes Schaf so appealing is that it's very hydrating as it cleanses. It's definitely a great option for people with sensitive or dry skin.

InSyle Magazine

What it does: white lava particles and ground bamboo beads polish away dead skin cells, dirt and debris. Why we like it: It’s made in Canada, 100% natural, cruelty-free, suitable for vegans, for men and for women. Aside from its efficacy, that’s my favourite part: the clean, no-fuss, gender-neutral packaging.

Natalie Foy, Plenty Magazine

I can't say enough good things about Schaf Facial Cleanser —it's quite possibly the PERFECT cleanser. Unlike most cream formulas, it rinses clean and is 100 percent natural. 

Michelle Villett,