Layman Guide To Skincare - InsideHook

They say that at 40, you have the face you deserve. What they don’t tell you is that you also have the face you deserve at 50. And 55. And 60. Etc.

So no matter your age, it’s a good time to start investing in your future faces.

The best ways to do that have nothing to do with the products in your bathroom. Eat more veggies. Less dairy. Exercise. Drink a lot of water. Mind the booze.

But the right products can help. Just beware: the skincare industry, like most, is for-profit. There are things you need, and things you don’t.

To help you save face, we’re here with a matter-of-fact glossary on the ins and outs of its sometimes daunting lingo — what you need and why, so as to not lose face value.

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