Schaf Nutritive Daily Eye Cream Scores Perfect 5/5

Let me tell you, dear readers, of my experience with eye cream. For a very long time, I thought that eye cream was the dividing line between dandyism and vanity. I may be a total dandy who takes forever to get ready in the morning (and before bed), but at least I don’t use an eye cream! Those are for totally vain people! This is the framework under which I operated for a very long time. Then, along came one day where I needed to fill out an order online to qualify for free shipping. An eye gel fit the bill, so I got one.

Now, the particular eye gel in question (not the one I’m reviewing), was used for months and months. And, well, I didn’t particularly like it. It didn’t seem to do much. I kept using it, but I was determined to abandon the eye gel after I finished the tub I got. Along came my Schaf sample, and I decided to test out their eye cream.

Before I get to the review proper, as this is the first time I’ve talked about eye cream, a pause. The skin under the eyes is the most sensitive there is, and, as such, it is the first place signs of aging will appear – fine lines and wrinkles will appear under the eye before elsewhere. So, if you’re even in your mid 20s or older, it is the time to consider an eye cream.

Schaf’s eye cream comes will all of the other things that make Schaf good – it’s vegan, paraben free, gluten free, etc. The eye cream comes in a plastic pump dispenser, and even half a pump will give you enough cream to work with. When you dispense the cream, the first thing you may notice is its yellow colour – that vanishes quickly on the face, so no worries there. Like all the other Schaf products I’ve reviewed, there’s no scent to it at all – and that is usually a major point for me.

The cream is easily absorbed into the skin under the eye. Now, you always want to gently pat eye products – not rub – them into the skin. A few easy pats and the cream absorbs into the face. It doesn’t irritate the skin or the eye, and there’s no scent. There’s no greasy after feeling either. I’ve used a few eye gels, and one of the problems with gels is that they can leave a shine finish under the eye shortly after applying. Not the case with the Schaf product – it doesn’t leave any immediate trace of it being there.

So, does it work? I’d say so. Within a few days of using the cream, I noticed my eyes looked less puffy and there were fewer lines under them, so that’s good – it’s also a definite improvement over what I was using before. The skin feels smoother and looks smoother, and there’s less of a difference between “face” and “area under my eyes” on my skin. So, it does the job – makes the eyes look better, and doesn’t irritate the skin.

I’d like to talk, just for a minute, about the cost of the eye cream. The MSRP is $40 on it, making it easily the most expensive skin care product I have used. I could see, frankly, why some people may balk at the price. I’ve only used a small selection of eye care products, and one didn’t seem to do much, and out of the ones that work – which includes the Schaf one – the Schaf one works the best. Now, you only need a tiny, tiny bit of the cream each day, so you’ll get a good long run out of the small bottle you get. I would hazard a guess and say its good value for cost, given how well the product works and how long, I assume, the bottle will last. That said, I don’t have many comparison points out there. Will I permanently add this to my dopp kit? I’d like to. I really want to see how long a bottle of it lasts, though, before I commit to it.

-by The Vegan Dandy




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