Around five years ago, there was a lot of chatter about various 'toxins' and irritants in skin care products, and the issues they reportedly caused. Having struggled with my sensitive skin for years, I was intrigued. So I took a much closer look at the products my wife and I were using.

I also learned that synthetic preservatives, sulfates, dyes, parabens, petroleum, mineral oils, silicones, essential oils and fragrances—were all potential triggers for sensitive skin. No wonder I was having skin issues!

I called on a local lab and spoke to the chemist, and started a year long journey learning more about different ingredients and testing many dozens of formulations that met three criteria: I wanted products to be simple, irritant-free, and very effective.

The final formulations dramatically improved the look and health of my skin. I gave samples to friends and family. My products changed their lives too. So I took the leap and committed myself to helping people improve the health and look of their skin. 

If your current skin care is not delivering results, or you're trying to combine multiple product lines to treat various issues, or are simply concerned about what you’re putting on your skin, Schăf is for you. 

Schăf addresses everything from fine lines and wrinkles, to acne, elasticity, hydration, and overall radiance. Made from a unique blend of skin friendly botanical extracts, and other remarkable natural and organic ingredients formulated to clean, nurture, and protect your skin. 

All our products are also based on the science of hydration, with an oil-free moisture binding component that is equally effective on oily or dry skin, and especially for those with sensitive skin.


Parabens                           Phthalates
Artificial Fragrances        Propylene Glycol     
Artificial Colours              Petroleum
Sulphates                          Animal Byproducts
Mineral Oil                         GMO's
Silicones                            Gluten

It’s a no-nonsense, naturally based line of products built on science and ingenuity, not marketing hype.

Our products are 100% naturally plant and bio-based derived.

Creating yet another source of gender segregation was also something we wanted to avoid. So our products are equally effective for both women and men.

I invite you to experience for yourself how great your skin can look and feel.

Peter Schafrick