Everybody’s skin is different, but we all need the same thing: balance. Whatever complexion category you fit into, we’ve got you covered to get the job done.

Oily Skin
Believe it or not, your quest to banish oil from your complexion is probably making things worse. The more you use drying soap-based products and acne treatments, the more your skin wants to compensate by producing even more oil. On the flip side, if you add a little oil—in the form of a light moisturizer—your sebaceous glands will be able to chill out. That’s why our Moisturizer mixes botanicals that help balance oiliness with hyaluronic acid for oil-free hydration. Use it after our non-stripping Facial Cleanser or Purifying Scrub or Restoration Mask to help your skin find its natural balance.

Dry Skin
Tempted to bury your parched complexion in a rich, heavy cream? Don’t do it. You’ll only trick your skin into thinking it’s sluggish oil production is A-OK, and consequently perpetuate the dry skin cycle. Our Moisturizer and Eye Cream/Night Cream are both formulated to support natural, balanced oil production, and also supply your skin with essential moisture and healing antioxidants. Don’t let your skin get lazy.

Sensitive Skin
Does your skin tend to freak out? It’s not your fault. Blame the long list of toxins and irritants found in many skincare products, such as synthetic preservatives, sulfates, dyes, parabens, petroleum, mineral oils, silicones, essential oils, and the worst offender of all, fragrance. Even natural essential oils and fragrances can cause irritation. At Schaf, we cut all that crap out for you. We use a unique blend of plant extracts that are proven to soothe, calm, nurture and protect your skin. Why use anything but the best natural and organic ingredients anyway?

Men's Skin
It’s true; men’s skin is different from women’s, generally speaking. Testosterone increases oil production, while estrogen, you guessed it, suppresses it. Also, men's skin tends to be thicker, and thus less susceptible to the harmful, aging effects of sun damage than women’s. That said, frequent shaving can cause men to experience more sensitivity than women. Clearly, conditions vary person to person based on lifestyle, habits, genetics, and more. We make products that focus on balancing out your skin, so they work for everyone—men and women, oily or dry, sensitive or not. Gender schmender.